Do you anticipate Firefox update for new features? How to update Firefox in the right way?  How to fix new Firefox update problems? This post offers all your wanted answers. 


Mozilla Firefox has launched its new version 93.0 for its users. Updating Firefox will secure your connection and data against a third party. Firefox 93.0 is available with some exciting features.

It has introduced a new feature of blocking unloaded tabs when your PC is running low on memory and prevents major browser crashes. It is advised to update the Firefox browser to enjoy a better user experience and benefits. It is always recommended to update Firefox manually to avoid viruses and errors while loading pages.

The Latest Firefox Update

Firefox's latest version, 93.0, was released on 5 Oct 2022. Many features are the same as were in the previous versions, so what is new in Mozilla Firefox 93.0?

Bug fixes and security are updated. The latest Mozilla Firefox update has a unique feature Firefox 78 ESR that supports older Mac OS versions such as 10.12.

Firefox update

The best thing about Firefox check for an update is the protection against security damage. Now Firefox will block downloads from an insecure connection, and the browser is using cookies to protect your data against insecure servers.

If you haven't updated your Firefox browser, simply head over to the menu setting, click on the "Firefox update" option, and download the latest version. Explore the new features of Firefox updated version 93.

New Features of Updated Firefox

  • AVIF Image format on 93.0

The latest versions support AVIF image format by default. It offers compressions, and displays images in much smaller sizes, and supports transparency. No, you can view high-quality images with much transparency.

  • Firefox PDF viewer on 93.0

The Firefox PDF viewer supports an XPA format that is mainly based on governments and banks. They are more flexible than standard Acrobat PDF versions. The build-in pdf feature was available on Firefox 83 and the other versions. Just select the PDF settings and open the file with the Firefox pdf feature or any other application. You can change the size of the document, flip pages, copy, download, and print the document.

  • Block unloaded tabs on Firefox 93.0

Firefox has introduced an advanced feature for Windows updates. Now Firefox will reload tabs that may crash your browser. This feature is helpful against the low memory of your PC. The Firefox will automatically block the unload tabs based on their last viewed and memory usage. This is a high chance of saving your system against potential crashes when running low on memory.

  • Firefox protection against insecure connections on 93.0

The third-party cookie tracking is strongly built. Now the Firefox will simply allow blocking insecure downloads, which was at high risk of hacking or had a greater chance of getting your data online. It will save a message as an alert on-screen against potential risk either to continue with the download or stop the process immediately. You will find this feature in other browsers as well, such as google chrome. This feature works best for kids or any data that is vulnerable.

  • Firefox SmartBook on 93.0

Firefox SmartBook 3.0 is an advanced feature of protecting malicious web activity. Firefox will block any third party interfering in your web browsing. The excellent tracking system will block images, video, or any other data that the third party uses and might appear just like an authentic web activity. This will disconnect your data from unsafe tracking. Due to the blocking of these interferences, the user experience might be affected. The comprehensive tracking system of firefox private browsing 93 with the help of SmartBook will save you from many potential risks of getting hacked.

  • Bug fixes

Several bug fixes are introduced in the latest 93 Firefox. The voiceover feature can now easily read out and check and unchecked items in the accessible tree. Other than that, Orca is working fine on Firefox. Currently, there is no need to use another application when browsing through Firefox.

New features of Firefox update


  • Easy to update manually
  • Better user experience
  • New security updates are introduced
  • Better visual results with AVI image format
  • Firefox PDF viewer is more flexible
  • Protection against insecure downloads
  • New bugs and fixes are introduced
  • Blocking of unloaded tabs to avoid crashing.


  • The blocking or empty page appearing during blocking insecure web pages might destroy the user experience.

How to Update Mozilla Firefox in a Secure Way

Updates are free and accessible. Below are simple steps to update Firefox browser securely on your PC and Mac OS.

Update Firefox on Windows

  • Click the "Menu" on the right top corner of the Firefox browser
  • Go to the "Help" option at the bottom of the list and explore about "Firefox" option
  • Click on check for "updates," and a recent firefox version will appear on the screen.
  • Simply click on the "restart to update." It will take few minutes, and your updated Firefox will be done.

How to update Firefox on Windows


Update Firefox on Mac

  • Open Firefox and click "About Firefox" from the top bar.
  • If your Firefox is not updated, It will show to update it to the latest version.
  • Simply click on the "Restart to update Firefox," and it will start updating.
  • After few minutes, your latest Firefox will be ready to use.

How to update Firefox on Mac

Firefox Update Problems

Firefox is available on Windows, Mac. and Linux. While updating the Firefox latest version, you might encounter the problems that Firefox won't update, or Firefox update failure has happened. You need to restart your PC. If your Firefox is not loading pages after the update, it is because sometimes, Firefox is updated automatically. You need to check Firefox updates in the menu bar of the Firefox browser.

When using the Firefox update on Windows and the update failure happens, run the Firefox as an administrator. Simply go to your Windows start menu and search for Firefox browser and run it as administrator.

If the Firefox update virus is showing on the screen, you need to check your programs on your PC. Uninstall unwanted and insecure software. Check the Firefox updates in the advance option. There you will see the current status of your Firefox update. Sometimes a fake update is shown with the pop-up of Firefox upload. When you click on it, it might lead to inappropriate ads, contain viruses, or install malicious software on your pc. This software is mainly ransomware and will hack your data in minutes. Therefore it is always advised to update Firefox manually without any third-party assistance.

Update firefox plugins in your firefox browser. Go to Firefox and click on the menu and click on add ons. These extensions help you add advanced and multiple features. Click on the gear icon and view other updates. You can update these add ons as well. Firefox update plugin will automatically update when the latest version is available.

FAQs on Firefox Update

Q-What is the latest Firefox update?

A-Firefox has launched a new version, Firefox 93.0. You can easily update it manually by following the above mention guide.

Q-How do I update my Firefox?

A-You can update your Firefox by clicking "Help" in the "Menu" option of the Firefox browser. Look for updates and if your update has not been done automatically. You will see an option to update to the latest versions.

Q-Should I update my Firefox?

A-Yes, you should always keep an updated version of Firefox for a better user experience.

Q-Is the new Firefox good?

A-Yes, the new version of Firefox 93.0 was released in the first week of Oct 2022. It has introduced new features where you can have strong access to secure connections, and it blocks the risk of potential loading risk to damage your data.


The latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser is available to be updated by its users. It is said that the 94.0 will be released in the first week of November 2022. The new versions have some exciting advanced features that are made by user benefit. It is available on Windows, Mac Os, Linux, and the results are best on all three systems. The ultra-secure browsing from the latest Firefox keeps your data away from insecure third-party malware.

By the way, do you look to manage your PC files, you can turn to Windows Explorer. It also brings you many exciting features.