Who doesn’t like to have some fun, right? Everybody loves to get entertained after the hectic work! Everybody loves to laugh and relax. However, there are limited options sometimes. And Netflix has always given its best to fulfill your entertaining needs. There are some of the best comedy movies on Netflix. You do not need to hover around to find them. We are here today with best drama comedy Netflix movies.

We’ve created a list of best funny movies on Netflix for you, which includes best 2016 comedy Netflix movies as well. Some of the listed movies are actually mad, while few of them are dark. Few are fun to watch with family, while others are an exact match for hanging around with friends. Let the case be any, these best Netflix comedy movies right now are a proof that comedy as a genre is a very huge database and has at least one movie for everyone. So let’s head towards the best black comedy Netflix movies.


Part 1: Top 10 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix 2018


1.     Alex Strangelove

The all-time favorite comedy by Craig Johnson is the movie Alex Strangelove. It is a heartfelt and hilarious movie. Daniel Doheny is the Alex, who is a high schooler having an amazing girlfriend. To his confusion, his girlfriend discovers about his attraction towards some good-looking guy. The movie is about Alex figuring out about who he exactly is. His journey has loads of genuine and good humor.

:1.     Alex Strangelove


2.     Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal The Movie

Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal The Movie is a very funny and laugh-or-die movie which has tried its best as absurd, comedy, and funny as it can be with its sarcastic pseudo story. It depicts the first time when the most bizarre presidents were brought to national importance. The movie stars Johnny Depp as Trump, who give his best performance as always.


3.     Band of Robbers

Band of Robbers shows the best talents of Matthew Gray Gubler and Hannibal Buress. The Nees are aware of their stuff, may it a setting of any punch line or composing of lovely endless shots on widescreen. They just have made a movie which is some hilarious stuff along with beauty.

:3.     Band of Robbers


4.     Sausage Party

Well Sausage Party seems very at times, but it is full of the most mind-boggling ridiculousness that any movie can ever show. All thanks to Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. This team exactly knows what the end of their movie should be with a metaphorical and literal bang that just pays off wonderfully.


5.     Sleeping With Other People

Sleeping With Other People is one of the best romantic comedy movies on Netflix. The movie is among the best written rom-com by Leslye Headland. It stars Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis as people deciding that it is their sex drive that has got them in such big trouble. They decide to become companionable friends. However, they really wish to get in the bed every now and then. The amazing chemistry of Brie and Sudeikis is seen in the movie; also, the dazzling dialogue of the film is invaluable.


6.     Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall stars Jason Segel. The movie by Segel is one of the best comedy movies on Netflix 2017, which is full of embarrassments. The movie features a Segel, who is left by Sarah, his girlfriend, for a rock star. He tries to overcome this situation by taking a vacation in Hawaii; but fate is not with him, Sarah along with her rock star boyfriend Aldous Snow are also in Hawaii. All the forgetting of Sarah is full of comedy, which makes the movie unforgettable.

:6.     Forgetting Sarah Marshall


7.     Burn After Reading

Coen Brothers are well known for their crime films No Country for Old Men and Fargo, the Oscar-winning ones, as well as for the classic comedies such as Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski. However, their not-so-famous films too are very good to give a shot. Burn After Reading is a sharp spy movie wherein a couple of fitness trainers come across some very secretive documents, what they think are, and set a series of events that leads to ruination and murders. It is a heartless naive ambition spoof, surprisingly and unexpectedly dark. Also, Brad Pitt is all himself by giving his funniest act as usual.


8.     Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

A couple of kids very unexpectedly find that they own the power by which they can hypnotize their principal, who is quite mean to them. So they make him a superhero in the remarkably weird animated movie. At first, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie was unnoticed when it was released in 2017. Nevertheless, the movie has a imaginative line somewhere, along with an intense and realistic friendship among these wild high jinks. It is most likely the nearest we can get of a Calvin & Hobbes film.

:8.     Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie


9.     Frances Ha

Greta Gerwig has co-written Frances Ha and also stars in it. She is also director and writer of Lady Bird. The movie is a somewhat bitter and somewhat sweet comedy focusing a young lady, who little by little concludes that she will not accomplish her dreams. Her dreams of a skilled dancer, and should to do go for something else in her life. It is a difficult chapter to think of, allow yourself to learn the difficult way. However, as Noah Baumbach is the director of the movie, the movie not for even a single minute loses the sense of humor.


10.   Goon and Goon: Last of the Enforcers

Goon is among the 2017 best comedy Netflix movies from the sports comedy segment, and unexpectedly the sequel has also done its job. Seann William Scott is stared as a hockey player. He cannot skate or score goals, however can take and dole out a punch good enough as compared to anybody in the league. When he isn’t brawling in the ring, surely he is finding out a better place in world wherein being hit in face is just not assumed an important skill. All in the cast crew are awesome, but talking about Seann William Scott, he is just amazingly outstanding in this movie.

:10.   Goon and Goon: Last of the Enforcers

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Part 2: How To Back Up Netflix Comedy DVD Movies?


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:Rip with DVDFab DVD Ripper



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