Showbox is an Android app that is available for free and is used for watching the latest TV shows or movies. It is capable of automatically fetching all the upcoming new movies along with their fabulous trailers, and information about their cast and crew along with other details you wish to know. It is also enabled with a smart recommendation engine that features similar TV shows and movies that are according to your taste. You can either save your favorite movies and shows offline or you can also watch them in the watchlist collection.

showbox app android not working

Moreover, you will be able to search the software's database for all the old movies as well as upcoming movies along with rendering media files in great quality from the settings menu. There are real-time ratings from IMDB, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes. However, apart from all these qualities sometimes the Showbox app for Android shows a not working status which might affect the user's experience.

But, you do not have to worry as we have got plenty of solutions for the Showbox Android app not working issue. We are sure that you will find a suitable solution to your Showbox issues from the list given below:

How to fix Showbox Android App Not Working Error?

Showbox is a favorite app of users because of its free services but sometimes it can create a lot of problems while streaming their favorite shows. However, we have provided you with plenty of solutions to get rid of this problem.

Solution 1: Rebooting the Android device

Facing an issue of the Showbox app not working on Android? Not to worry as for this you may need to turn off your device for some time and then after waiting for a couple of minutes you can restart it. for this you may follow the given steps:

  • First, you have to press the power button along with the volume down button and hold them together until the device gets turned off.
  • Now for restarting your Android device you need to press and hold the device's power button.
  • Then after rebooting your device properly you must open the Showbox application to check whether your problem has been resolved or not. in case it is not resolved there are plenty of other solutions to make use of.

Solution 2: Ensuring your device has all the requirements met for Showbox

Showbox app on Android is showing a not working status for error then it may happen due to running on a device with lower configuration. For this, you have to make sure that your device has all the requirements made for the Showbox application to run smoothly. Your device must have 1GB of free space, 2GB of RAM along with the Android 4 version or above.

Solution 3: Reconnecting either to the internet or switching to a different network

Is the Showbox app not working on your Android device? Well, sometimes it may happen due to a slow network connection where the user needs to check if the issue is arising because of the network. to clear this issue the user must restart their modern and then try uploading of Showbox application. In case the application is still not loading or working then you can move to a better or a different network.

Solution 4: Clearing cache data of Showbox

If you have been using the Showbox app for a long time then you may face the issue of the Showbox app for Android not working error. This may happen as an application is constantly connecting two different kinds of servers for delivering movies and TV shows to the users. However sometimes during the process of uploading or downloading the contents on the server, the cache data get corrupted and this results in the malfunctioning of the application.

Solution 5: Installing the latest version of the Showbox application

If your Showbox App for Android is not working properly, then you may try to install its latest version from the Google Play Store. For this you may follow the below-given step:

  • If you wish to download the latest version of the app first of all you may need to enable the unknown sources from the settings section of your device.
  • Then you have to go to the Showbox source and then search for the latest version of the application.
  • Here you need to download and complete the installation of the latest version of Showbox on the device of your choice.

Solution 6: Using VPN facility with Showbox

Is the Showbox app not working on your Android device and this is happening time and again? Well, you can try this solution to make it work. The Showbox application gets its data from a variety of sources and sometimes it happens that some sources might get blocked by your internet service provider which may result in this kind of error.

However, you do not need to worry as you can always make your network connection anonymous by using the VPN which will help in the removal of the blockage. VPN helps in masking your IP address and protecting your identity from all kinds of block sources. does by using the VPN Service for streaming your videos you will not experience any glitch in using this application.

Solution 7: Clearing the cache of the device

Quite several times when the Showbox app is not working on your Android devices then we must keep in mind that sometimes third-party apps conflict with other apps that are installed on the device. This may result in all kinds of unwanted issues along with errors within the device being used.

For this purpose, you must proceed with wiping out any kind of device cache that has built up during its use, and for this, you must follow the given instructions:

  • First of all, you need to turn off your device.
  • Then you have to press the volume up button and hold it along with the power button at the same time.
  • Now you have to leave the button as soon as you see the Android logo being launched on your device.
  • Now you have to proceed with the selection of the wipe cache partition option which is given on the Android recovery list. by using the volume down button you will be able to navigate through the options of the menu and the power button will enable you to select the right option.
  • Here you have to confirm your action by selecting the YES button.
  • You may have to wait for a few minutes till the process gets completed.
  • As soon as the process gets finished a message of reboot system now will pop up on the screen and you need to press the power button for rebooting your Android device.

Solution 8: Watching your entertainment needs from the Showbox website

Sometimes when your Showbox Android app is not working and you have done everything but couldn't find a solution to fix the error, then the last thing that you can do for continuing streaming videos on the application is to watch them online. For this purpose, you don't have to process the Showbox application on your desirable Android device as all the videos that you would like to watch are already available on its official website platform. you just have to follow the given steps:

  • Launching the web browser on your desirable device.
  • Then you have to go to the official webpage of Showbox.
  • Then you have to sign up on the page for accessing all the content you need to watch.
  • Now, you have to select your favorite movie or TV show and continue watching them online.

Alternative solution for fixing Showbox App not working on Android

How to Fix Showbox App Captcha Not Working On Android?

Usually, Captcha is used for distinguishing a human input from the machine. However, when the user has to keep on verifying himself through the captcha it becomes quite irritating. The same thing happens with Showbox where an error pops up of ‘captcha not working. For resolving this issue you may either try to download the latest version of the Showbox APK, or you can also downgrade to its previous version.

How To Fix ShowBox App Loading and Not Opening Error?

Solving this issue you can try to remove any Showbox APK from your device by clearing the device cache and then you can proceed with downloading the Showbox app again from a trusted source.

How to Fix Showbox Hanging too much Error?

For resolving this issue you may opt for clearing the app Cache along with data or you can also switch to an internet connection of a higher speed.

How To Fix ShowBox App Video Not Available Error?

For fixing this error you may try to uninstall the old version of the application and install the latest version of the Showbox APK. Then you may try to clear the cache and data of the application and this will resolve your problem making UN able to watch your favorite videos again.

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Yes, this solution works very well for the problem. However, if it doesn't there are plenty of other ways listed above for resuming its functionality.

Yes, you can easily watch your favorite movie by switching to the Showbox website directly.

Yes, DVDFab DVD ripper is a great alternative software for the Showbox application.


Showbox Application is a wonderful platform for all your favorite shows and movie needs. However, sometimes with the Showbox app on Android, not working issues you may face a glitch in the application. There may be plenty of reasons causing this issue. Thus, we have come up with plenty of solutions for your problem of the Showbox Android app not working issue. We hope that you will be able to enjoy your favorite shows or movies again with the above-provided solutions. Alternatively, if nothing works, you can make use of DVDFab DVD Ripper for a better user experience.