'Alexa, play the beat music now,' 'ok ma'am'! How many of you get thrilled to watch the ad where the homemaker commands a device named Alexa to play a song for her? Almost everyone. We will discuss Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Prime music app to give you a brief idea about the outstanding music streaming service.

Alexa is a revolutionary device that plays Amazon Prime music following your voice command. The whole world has accepted Amazon Prime music since its launch in 2007, and it's the first music store selling music without any digital rights. Over 200 million songs, 75+ million podcasts, Amazon Prime music, became the brand name and received huge applause after Alexa hit the market. With the latest technology and your old habit of humming the tune, a great combination stands Amazon Prime music, one of the Premium music destinations for all ages. 

Amazon Prime music started with the amazon prime music streaming service, and now the Amazon Prime music app is readily available for its worldwide listeners. The music store has billions of songs, videos, podcasts, etc., to entertain you despite your location. You can listen to the songs in your comfort zone while in the kitchen or the drawing-room. You can utilize your productive time by switching the Podcast on Amazon Prime music.

Amazon Prime music app: Access Millions of Music Titles

To give good competition to its rival Spotify, Amazon Music Prime was introduced in Android and iOS devices to access millions of titles with the latest release and classic collections. As the Amazon Prime music app is available in both softwares, its access becomes easy and comfortable. If you are a premium member, you can access the 75 million prime titles without an ad-support listening experience. If you first attempt amazon music and are willing to subscribe to the prime membership, you will get a 30 days trial period. If you are happy with the collections and the service, you can switch to the prime members.

However, Amazon Prime music never let the users down. There is always a freemium option available, but the collection is limited with ad-support service from one of the leading brands in music streaming and OTT service simultaneously.

Devices that Support Amazon Prime Music

Some devices support Amazon Prime music and make you stress relief and bounce-feeling to restart your work mode. The device list includes:

  1. Amazon Fire Stick
  2. Amazon Fire TV
  3. Amazon Fire Tablet
  4. Alexa embed device
  5. PC
  6. Mac devices
  7. Web browsers and various Smart TVs

You can install the app or directly visit the website, search your favorite title and play it.

Amazon Prime Music App: The Features

  • Millions of songs free and paid, available in both mode
  • Podcast episodes are also available
  • The app can access the top playlist and millions of PlayStations
  • The music streaming paid mode contains ad-free and Non-paid ad-support
  • Prime members and Non-prime members, anyone can access the Amazon prime music app
  • Search music option includes advanced search, filters, and many other options
  • You can avail latest updates after installing the app on your device


  • The massive playlist includes top-notch PlayStations and new releases
  • Prime subscribers can access HD and UHD format


  • The free plan contains fewer music titles
  • MP4 music downloads is not supported for basic users

Amazon Prime Music Unlimited: Be Limitless

Music lovers never bend down for the free service, though. But if you want to give it a try and wish to access free service from Amazon Prime music, you can go for free first with ad-support various music titles and podcasts.

However, if you are ready to pay the subscribed amount, you will get Amazon Prime music unlimited access. The unlimited access contains 75 million music titles in HD and more than 45+ million Podcasts, latest releases, and old classic collections.

The Amazon Prime Music Unlimited Features Include:

  • 75 million song titles and 45+ million Podcasts in HD access and UHD
  • You will get On Demand music without ad
  • Offline listening experiences without a break
  • You can experience Spatial Audio
  • No extra cost for HD

These all are available with the amazon prime music unlimited version.

How much do you pay for Amazon Prime music unlimited?

Amazon Music Prime introduced a pocket-friendly subscription plan for Prime and Non-Prime members.

Prime Members need to pay: $7.99/month or $79/ annual subscription to access the unlimited plan.

Non- Prime members pay $9.99/month.

Amazon Prime Music Download

Amazon Music Prime download facility is available on all the Prime supportive devices like Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Amazon Echo devices, Amazon Fire TV/Stick, etc. To download Android devices, visit the Google Play store; for iOS devices, you need to check the App Store. Rest all can directly listen or visit Amazon Prime music portal to install and enjoy your favorite music while going on a long drive with your partner or your gang.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Music App Errors: The Troubleshooting

The errors always create trouble when you concentrate on the lyrics of your favorite song. Sometimes it will stop playing in between, or it never starts or shows the error on the display screen.

You must know or understand how to fix some basic errors. Especially when the errors spoil the mood to listen to a song or Podcast your mentor has released. Let us brief you on a few primary troubleshooting methods so that whenever you get stuck in a similar situation, find out the way.

Follow these if the amazon prime music app stops working:

  • Check first your internet connection. If you are using WifI, verify its signal strength or if you are using mobile data, check whether any network connectivity prevents you from playing the song.
  • Next, verify your device gets connected with the mobile network or WiFi to resume the music streaming service.
  • If there is no network or device connectivity issue, go to the app again and sign out from the app. Wait for a few minutes and then again sign in and play the song you want to listen to.
  • Try to connect with another device to play the song to check whether the issue persists with the device or not.
  • If the errors still pop up on display, clear or remove the app cache from the settings and release the required space to run the app.
  • Does the error still create problems? Go to the device settings again, and uninstall the app from the device. Wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes for the reinstallation.
  • Check whether you are using an outdated app or not; if required, update the latest version.
  • Check your device that supports live music streaming or not.
  • Verify your network service plan and make sure that it supports live music streaming
  • If you are trying to play amazon prime music from a PC, you must try the antivirus update to check whether any malware suspects prevent you from playing your favorite song or not.

If all fail and you cannot remove the errors or start the play button, call the help desk number and raise the complaint. They will come with a solution as soon as they find out the answer.

Amazon Prime Music app is fondly accepted among music lovers due to its vast music library, star-rated PlayStations, and Podcasts. But if you have further queries regarding the app, payment, and usage of the app, ask us. We will unfold the information based on your questions.

FAQ: You must learn about the app before installation

Yes. If you are a prime member, you can access all the exclusive titles stored for paid members. Prime members get access to premium titles and Podcasts for free.

Yes. Amazon Prime music comes for free with limited access to music titles and Podcasts. Amazon prime music maintains the following tiers:

  1. Amazon Prime Music for Free
  2. Amazon Prime Music for Prime members
  3. Amazon Prime Music for paid subscribers

Amazon Music is a separate music streaming service under the Amazon Banner. Though the brand Amazon is the same, Amazon Prime consists of Amazon E-commerce products and an OTT platform. Both OTT and music streaming have different paid plans, which users can select based on their preferences.

Yes, you can download music titles for offline listening. Just tap the song you want to download, click on the download arrow, and wait for a few minutes to complete the download process.

Can I download movies from Amazon Prime Video?

Yes, you use a third-party Amazon Downloader to save high-quality videos to your device in MP4 format. If you also want to download streaming video from other popular websites like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc, it's advisable to use StreamFab All-in-one.

Concluded Words

Amazon Prime Music is booming among young music lovers because of its easy access to top-notch PlayStations, megahit music titles, and offline listening options. The Amazon Prime music unlimited offers the playlist in HD and UHD, another mind-blowing music tuning experience, especially if you throw a party at home or go for a long road trip. Switch on the device and dance with the beats! Now you can troubleshoot and fix the amazon prime music app issues. Listen, dance, and enjoy every rhythm of the music that touches your soul.