How do you kill your time? You may face a common question whenever you encounter a new person or engage in a light mood with your colleagues or friends. Mobile games are the best way to spend time for a quick mode of refreshment. Users of the iPhone paved the way for relaxation, find the new games on the Apple store, install it and start play to utilize the free time. You can select fun iPhone games or action-packed it depends on your choice. But trust us, iPhone games are the best way of self-amusement that helps you build up your coordination of eyes, hands, and minds.

If you are a die-hard fan of iPhone games and your searching mode is always on to find the best iPhone games, here we present you the top games on iPhone, free and paid, both so that you can pick up one or two at your convenience and start play.

Let's hunt!

The Best iPhone Games Free: Install and Play

Free games are available on the Apple store. Here is the list. If you are interested in saving a little buck and switch to pocket-friendly free games for iPhone, you can install it.

1. The Battle of Polytopia

Developer: Midjiwan AB
Engine: Unity
Platforms: iOS, macOS, Tesla, Windows
Genre: strategic

If you are a hard-core fan of warrior and battlefield, this iPhone-free game would be your perfect choice. The 4X game is designed as eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. It's a strategic game that engages fighting and conquering by defeating your enemies through your creative skill. When you start to play, you will face a tribal community, technologically advanced equipment, flat square-shaped land where your ultimate aim should be to conquer the folks and save your civilization.

 Best Iphone Games: The Battle of Polytopi

The Features of The Battle of Polytopia

The features of the iPhone game are dynamic. Let's check.

  • Can play as a single-player or multiplayer up to 12 persons online
  • There are three-game modes-- Perfection, Domination, and Creative
  • It's a 4X game that you can explore, expand, exploit and exterminate
  • Auto-generated maps and configurable map types enrich player's experience
  • Can earn the top score to build the best civilization


The pros of the game are as follows:

  • The game pattern allow mirror matches
  • Player Avatars are available


  • The stances are sometimes repetitive

2. Disc Drivin 2'

Developer: Pixelocity Software
Engine: Unity
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Racing

If you enjoy racing and speed gives a thrill, you must try Disc Drivin 2'. It's a racing game that you can play alone, or with your team of four players. The game throws you a challenge to beat the clock and earn the score. In the kids' version, there is a chat section in which kids can enable the option to interact with their friend's player or stranger during the race. The chat section is not included in the adult mode. The fastest speed racing brings the thrill and excitement in your blood, and you feel charged. The game can access in both ways, free and paid. Both modes are incredibly chilling.

iphone games: Disc Drivin 2'

The Features of Disc Drivin 2.'

The exciting features are:

  • You can play solo or with multiple players
  • It has 20 different race tracks that include hills, forests, and several barriers.
  • Statistic option is there to check your rank in different modes
  • It's also a strategy based game that emphasizes focus


The pros are:

  • Can play alone or with your friends
  • Rank checking option improves your performance


  • Ads pop up during the play

3. Pigeon Wings Strike

Developers: Ignacio S.
Unity: Engine
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Racing and Attacking

When do intruders attack your city, which will save the city dwellers? A group of pigeons with modern attire, laid with highly equipped weapons, takes responsibility to keep your city. The extremely fun-filled iPhone game Pigeon Wings Strike is for light mood people who prefer to laugh while play games rather than stay alert with a severe face. It's a solo game, an adventure genre with lots of laughter elements and actions.

The Feature of Pigeon Wings Strike

The features may sound like old-school games. They are:

  • It's a solo game
  • It's a high-speed airplane game whose base is speed and control over the vehicle.
  • It has a tilt control panel so that you should not be lost the power of the plane you are riding.
  • A group of pigeons, a rabbit, and a squirrel is a group whose aim is to save the city from intruders like you.
  • The more you collect the blue collectables, your rider moves faster or flies higher- this is how the player manages the score.


The pros of the game are:

  • Superfast speed
  • Extreme control


  • Non-transparent scoring
  • Repetitive actions

4. Shadowgun Legends

Developers: Madfinger Games
Unity: Engine
Platforms: iOS, TvOS
Genre: First-person shooter

If fight and action is your favorite genre, you can try Shadowgun Legends. The game is power-packed with guns, machinery, heavy weapons that our superheroes carry to save the planet from the Alien attack. A thrilling storyline, a campaign against the attackers, and in between, you can join them and be the part of their action. The number of enemies you terminate decides your scoring here. After every mission, you will allow unlocking the next level.

games on iphone: Shadowgun Legends

The Features of Shadow gun Legends

The features are exactly what you are looking for in an action-packed game. They are:

  • It's a multiplayer game.
  • The entire game is divided into stories you have to understand before target your enemies.
  • During the play, you can chat with your co-players, build your squad and plan your strategy, which is innovative in the mobile device.
  • A unique reward system makes the game famous.


The pros of Shadowgun Legends are:

  • Massive weapons and costume collections and all are for free
  • Multi-player RPG that can play with your circle


  • Inventory slots are limited
  • The solo campaign also repetitive

5. Asphalt 9 Legends

Developer: Gameloft Barcelona
Series: Asphalt
Platforms: iOS, macOS, Xbox one/Series
Genre: Racing

The game is in the purest form of car racing. If you are hyper-energetic and want to drive a car at rocket speed, you are indeed on the right track. The super fast speed racing game has various routes with multiple cars, and you have to cross the barriers, accept the challenges, and win the race. With the TouchDrive system, you no need to steer your wheel, but the car will go in Nitro miles after miles.

best iphone games free: Asphalt 9 Legends

The Features of Asphalt 9 Legends

The features of the superfast car racing Asphalt 9 Legends are legendary in the true sense. They are:

  • TouchDrive added a unique element to this game and made it more innovative
  • Car garage offers customized arrangements for your cars parking and taking care
  • It's a multiple player mode games
  • You will allow selecting cars from a vast collection
  • The car models are modern and equipped with the latest technology and features


The pros of the game are:

  • Attractive visual graphics glued you with the play
  • Polished your racing skill with its thrill


  • A bit difficult for a new player to acquire the racing skill
  • Manage speed is a bit tough

These all are free iPhone games to play with friends; you can play just after the installation. However, to reach a certain level and unlock more points, they charge few bucks. But it depends on you whether you are ready to spend or prefer to play accessible mode.

Paid iPhone games are comparatively equipped with more fun, intense features, well-designed, and dynamic that create the difference. Let's unlock the best iPhone games paid version.

1. Crashlands

Developer: Butterscotch Shenanigans
Engine: Game Maker Studio
Platforms: iOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action and Adventure
Cost: $6.99

After its launch in 2016, the game constantly upgraded and added new features in every upgrade version. Crashlands is a crafting game where you have to build your own civilization after collecting the resources. It's a strategic game that requires a sharp mind to defeat the sudden enemy and focus on gathering the resources.

fun iphone games: Crashlands

The Features of Crashlands

The features of Crashlands are:

  • It's a self-management inventory game
  • It's an RPG driven an epic story-building match where you are part of an adventure
  • To conquer and build up your civilization, it takes 10 hours and 25 levels approximately
  • There are 500 craftable items you can check at each level


The pros of the game are:

  • It's a great combination of humor and wit
  • One time payment game


  • Characters movement is slow

2. Dead Cell

Developer: Motion Twin, Evil Empire
Platforms: macOS, Linux, iOS, Xbox One/ series
Genre: Roguelike
Cost: On the App-store $8.99
One in-app purchase $3.99

Do you love battlefield and combat? If yes, then start playing Dead Cells. It's a 2D game full of action, new technology weapons, and modern enemies ready to smash you anytime. Initially, the game was for Nintendo, Xbox, Console, but recently it's upgraded and ported to the iOS device.

best games for iphone: dead cell

The Features of Dead Cells

The features of the fun-filling game are:

  • It's a 2D action game for all the combat lovers
  • At every level, you need to unlock the mystery, earn points, or ready to die
  • The game is full of minions, castles, weapons, death threats, and self-protection strategies
  • It's a strategic game where you have to chalk out your plan to survive


The pros are:

  • It's a fun combat game
  • You can unlock a wide range of playstyles


  • Roguelike combat violence
  • Repetitive actions and combat style

3. Plague Inc.

Developer: Ndemic Creations
Engine: Unity
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Real-time strategic game
Cost: $0.99 in-app store

To experience the current pandemic situation, Plague, Inc reflects a spreading virus, and you have to save yourself before it grabs you. If you have a playful attitude and are not judgemental, you can enjoy the game. The purpose is to spread the virus all over the world and watch what the after-effects will be. The game was upgraded after the pandemic. It's also a survival strategy game.

best offline iphone games: Plague Inc.

The Features of Plague Inc.

The features of the game are:

  • It's a game of survival strategy
  • Retina graphics with a superb interface
  • There is a tutorial inside that is comprehensive in-game help
  • 10+ varieties of diseases, 50+ countries infected, the game reminds us of the recent situation


The pros of the game are:

  • It's not just a game but a life lesson to learn how to survive
  • The approach of survival policy is realistic


  • Need more scientific approach, especially in Biological manner
  • The pretext is unreal and violent

4. Hidden Folks

Developer: Adriaan Jongh, Mirthe Venbrux
Engine: Unity
Platforms: iOS, macOS, Nintendo Switch
Genre: Hidden object game
Cost: $1.99 in App store

If you are a calm and serene guy who does not fit into bloodshed, weapons, battlefield, then Hidden Folks is the best iPhone game. The game takes you to our childhood days when we used to play 'spot me.' You have to find a guy with a blue striped shirt from a hand drawing the landscape. The game consists of 500 interactions programs, 2000 sounds effects, and 300 targets to find.

best free iphone games: Hidden Folks

The Features of Hidden Folks

The features of the game are unique. They are:

  • The game has 32 hand sketch area and 300+ targets
  • Three color modes available: Sepia, Normal mode, and Night mode
  • 100 iMessage stickers are there to add more fun
  • 500 unique interaction


The pros are:

  • It's a simple game with challenges
  • Hand-drawn sketches remind the childhood days of art


  • Sounds effects sometimes boring

5. Supertype

Developer: Philipp Stollenmayer
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Letter and word Puzzle game
Cost: $1.99 on App purchase

If you believe you must pass your time doing something creative with words and numbers, Supertype should be in your app list. The game is much with numbers, and letters and you have to reach the levels after solving the puzzle. You can learn how the letters are a wizard in the bizarre world and behave like acrobatic. Give your mind a splash of the magical world of letters and numbers.

good iphone games: Supertype

The Features of Supertype

The features are fascinating. They are:

  • The design is brilliant
  • A word game that mix with physics
  • Total 130 levels you have to reach
  • It's a solo game


The pros are:

  • Sharp mind game
  • Brilliant move that nurtures the creativity and wisdom


  • There are no cons to the game. Your stock of words, knowledge of how much a letter weigh decide your next move.

These are the paid games you can purchase and play.


Have doubts? The following FAQ session will clear all your queries. Let's Reply to you!

There are many best offline iPhone games in the riddle. A few of them are Hill Climb Racing 2, Jumbline 2, Hungry Shark Evolution, Jetpack Joyride, etc.

Yes. Once you purchase or download the game from the Apple store, they are highly protected, and you are safe from viruses, spam, or any malware attack.

The multiplayer games are for group playing and can connect with them through chat mode.

The list is long. You can select one, install it from the Apple Store, and start playing based on your favorite genre.

All iPhone games are good. It depends on what is your favorite genre and if you prefer solo play or group play. There are action, battlefield, warrior, adventure, all sorts of entertainment are there. The choice is entirely yours.

Final Words

Games are meant to entertain you in your free time. The current scenario does not allow you to go outside and play with your friends; outdoor games almost stopped. Mobile games, especially the best free iPhone games, inflow you into the gaming world where you can find amusement, fun, excitement, thrill, and enjoyment during the play. The best iPhone games can provide the best gaming experience, and you feel content after reaching each level, beating your enemies.