If you enjoy watching movies on your computer, there is good news for you. There’s a host of free movie apps for computer that you can install, which then allow you to watch unlimited videos and movies in high definition output. We have put together a list of the top 8 most popular free movie download apps for computer.

With the ongoing pandemic, most of the world population has had to spend majority of their time within the confines of their homes, hankering for newer and better content to watch on your streaming devices, TV or computer. Bid goodbye to those hours of boredom as, with some of the top rated free movie apps for Windows computer available now, you can now easily download and watch blockbuster movies in HD quality on Windows 7, 8 or 10 anytime and anywhere.

Top Free movie apps for my computer

With these free movie apps for computer and free movie download apps for computer, you will have access to thousands of titles at the click of a button. You can watch the film of your choice, from various genres including action movies, horror, comedy, documentaries, drama and family films, anytime and from anywhere.


free movie apps for computer crackle

Crackle is a TV movie streaming app offered by the Sony Network. As you would expect from a brand such as Sony, the app has an extremely user friendly and intuitive interface. The landing page when you open the app shows what is currently featuring and all movies and TV shows are neatly segregated in separate sections.

Main Features

  • Supports almost any device with a save option
  • Simple interface with smooth video streaming
  • Features a sort and filter option by genre, title, date, etc.
  • Features a play pause option for seamless continuation in case of a switch in device
  • Features a search option while a movie is already playing


  • Extensive collection of movies and videos
  • All films come with captions
  • No need to log in
  • Low RAM usage and fast buffer


  • Maximum stream quality is 480
  • No option to sort according to popularity

Tubi TV

free movie apps for computer tubi tv

One of the most popular free movie apps for computer, Tubi TV is backed by more than 200 partners that collaboratively keep the app refurbished with some exclusive content. The main page gives you an outright detailing of the app’s content list. You can quite easily pick a category from which you wish to watch a movie, right there on the main screen from a menu option on the upper left corner of the screen. If you want to know more about these top-rating movies on tubi, you can click here to read.

Main Features

  • Highly user friendly with an extremely simple interface
  • All genres and movie covers clearly featured
  • Features detailed description of individual movies like genre, duration, release date and other movies you may like based on your selection
  • “Like” and “Dislike” options for better recommendations
  • Contains over 35,000 movies and TV shows


  • Movies and shows segregated under clear headings
  • Offers top quality films
  • Has a separate category exclusively for children
  • Contains Tubi TV exclusives


  • Streaming quality not very high
  • No option to sort by genre


free movie apps for windows computer vudu

One of the favourite apps free movie apps for Windows computer, Vudu can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft store on Windows 10. With this app you get to watch hundreds of full length movies in HD as well as uncut Hollywood movies absolutely free. It is also very simple to use by just opening the Free page from the menu and select according to new releases, popularity and genres.

Main features

  • Features a comprehensive list of movies
  • Lists all its free movies on their website for easy browsing and selection
  • Has other search and browse options like Most watched movies, All-time movie favorites, Hidden gems, Blazing sci-fi, Big time movie stars
  • Easy search mechanism for all free content
  • Allows easy installation on a host of devices


  • Frequent addition on new content
  • Very easy to locate free movies amid the entire list
  • Offers a comprehensive list of high quality movies
  • Give up to 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound


  • Several free movies get eliminated frequently
  • You need to log in in order to watch movies

Popcorn Time

free movie apps for windows computer popcorn time

This is arguably one of the most liked free movie download apps for computer today for streaming as well as offline usage. Often dubbed as ‘Netflix of torrents’, Popcorn Time offers online new movies, TV shows and video streaming services. It is an open source bit torrent client that comes with its very own media player and is on a continuous search on the web for torrents of the best movies from the best sites that users can access unlimited number of times.

Main features

  • Has a slick but simple design and interface with fast torrents and servers
  • Latest additions feature on the landing page with a search bar
  • Features an easy selection of categories
  • Has a download option for later viewing
  • Allows users to pick and organize their list of favorite content


  • Allows for offline usage
  • Stream quality very high up to 720p and 1080p
  • Well maintained and regularly updated library
  • Battery consumption is kept to a minimum


  • RAM usage is substantial
  • While some movies suggest HD quality, they are not in HD as indicated


free movie apps for windows computer showbox

Considered one of the most reliable free movie download apps for computer, ShowBox offers users a simple way to stream their favorite movies and TV shows as well as download and organize them. It does not require logging in or registering and you at install it upfront on your Windows computer. Apart from some of the best movie collections, you can enjoy all available seasons and episodes of popular TV shows.

Main Features

  • Opens up a mammoth collection of movies and TV shows with just a simple installation
  • Features a clean and good looking interface
  • Features a section with latest news from the movie and TV world
  • Has a trailer feature to view trailers of all movies in the library
  • Bookmarks available to preclude constant needs for searching


  • Features available here outnumber those offered by most other apps
  • Subtitles available in multiple languages
  • Battery consumption is minimal
  • Huge library with up to date content


  • Features ads
  • Stream quality goes up to just 720p


free movie apps for computer youtube

YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular and well stocked video sharing site, this household name also happens to be one of the best free movie apps for computer. It is also a sophisticated exploring system to learn all news related to films, members of their cast and crew, movie soundtracks and all other related links. You will find an extensive list of movies here from every conceivable genre including romance, action, war, comedy, drama, fantasy, musicals and much more.

Main features

  • Daily updates done and new movies and videos are always on the top of the list
  • Features a huge number of free movies with ads
  • Individual channels available for free movies like times classics and Maverick movies
  • Features a state of the art exploring mechanism to search any information related to movies
  • Detailed description provided for individual titles


  • Provides a list of free movies for easy search
  • Gives you the option of alerts when new movies are added
  • Offers a significant number of free movies
  • Movies are included from an array of different genres


  • No sorting by genre system in place
  • Movie selection comparatively smaller than other similar apps


free movie apps for computer popcornflix

This is seen as one of the best free movie apps for Windows computer among movie buffs looking for great options to catch the best movies and videos. PopcornFlix is a particular favorite with fans of cult or horror movies because even though the app does not boast the content size of a Netflix or an HBO, it certainly gives anyone a run for their money in these categories. It includes films from big houses as well as independent films and documentaries.

Main features

  • Makes clear demarcation between movies and TV series
  • Well segregated genre wise movies
  • Genres include crime, thriller, horror, sports, action, drama, sci-fi and documentaries
  • Features a ‘Not seen’ filter
  • One of the largest independently owned film libraries in the industry


  • Gives subtitles and language preference
  • Considerable number of popular movies included
  • Although not ad free, they are fairly short
  • TV shows and movies well segregated in different sections


  • No option to sort according to popularity or trending titles
  • Genres available are limited

Pluto TV

free movie making apps for computer pluto tv

Pluto Tv is one of the most versatile free movie apps for computer available which can be used not only to watch movies and live TV for free but also stream movies from popular demand. They have a significant number of channels which feature only movies that are available in most of the popular genres. You can also view which are the most recently added and most popular movies available here.

Main features

  • Features a hide channel option to keep particular sources out of your viewing list
  • Gives description of all movies
  • All regular genres featured
  • Shows most recent additions
  • Has several movies-only channels available


  • Apart from your computer, it works on multiple other devices
  • Shows on-demand movies that can be viewed as many number of times as you wish
  • The app allows viewing movies that are playing live on TV
  • Gives description of movies to play later and are not live right now


  • Movies other than those on-demand cannot be watched more than once
  • Number of movie channels are very few

Your movie watching experience can be enhanced many fold with the help of an all-inclusive media player without having to worry about compatibility issues.

PlayerFab is an all-inclusive multimedia software that offers an all in one platform of streaming playback which supports videos from a plethora of free movie apps for your computer like Tubi, Peacock, etc. It makes user experience for movie lovers extremely simple and stress free as there is now no need to search for those most wanted movies on multiple streaming platforms. Owning PlayerFab is sufficient.

PlayerFab All-In-One Lifetime: the ideal choice

free movie apps for computer playerfab all in one

The PlayerFab multimedia software is the most elegant, packed with features software for all your movie solutions. It is an all-inclusive media player capable of playing local and streaming videos without a hiccup. The powerful software with its arsenal of in-built functions offer the best video quality at FHD 1080p and audio quality at EAC3 5.1- an excellent theatre-like effect.

You can avail the PlayerFab All-In-One Lifetime for a free trial period of 30 days with full money back guarantee in case of unsatisfactory results. Otherwise, you can go ahead and purchase it at an affordable price which is great value for all the amazing benefits you stand to gain.

Main Features of the PlayerFabFab All-In-One Lifetime

  • Has an auto skip intro feature along with an adjust playback speed
  • Comes with a choice of audio and subtitles
  • Features Hi-Res Audio Output Support, up to Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • Plays high-quality 4K UHD video in HDR10 effect
  • Allows easy managing of poster wall media library




  • User friendly design provides state of the art viewing experience with great image quality and smooth playback
  • The all-inclusive media player gives a genuinely immersive media viewing experience on your computer screens
  • All metadata is automatically downloaded
  • Versatile software irons out all compatibility issues


  • There're some limitations in its free version.


Yes. Get a webcam, attach it to the computer and a procure a good video editing software. Go to Windows movie maker and click Webcam video and click Record. Stop and save. Then arrange video clips, add effects, titles, credits, etc. and burn on a CD. See also: What we know so far about the movie.

Yes. Some of the best movie editing apps free for computer are PowerDirector, DaVinci Resolve, Movie Maker Online, Lightworks, Shotcut, VSDC, Videopad, Openshot and Hitfilm Express.

Get the best free movie apps for computer like Tubi, FuboTv, Popcorn time, PopcornFlix, Movies & TV, Movies Anywhere, Offline Video Player and enjoy hundreds of top quality movies free.


As an avid movie viewer, you must be on a constant lookout for the best ‘free movie apps for my computer’. We have discussed here not only about some of the best movie apps for Windows computer but also free movie download apps for computer which will allow you to enjoy for favorite movie offline, at your own convenience and any number of times. It’s a free rein for all movie enthusiasts and only sky is the limit now!