Rap songs have always been one of those timeless classics that never fail to impress us. From the genre of sadness and happiness, they have versatility in engaging us with the romance and diss tracks as well. Some of the top rap songs 2021 have had an impactful impression on our hearts, minds, and souls. The top rap songs are not only from the leading rappers like Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z, the hits also include the raps from the budding rappers.

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Top 10 Rap Songs of 2021/2022: A soulful Listening

After listening to the soulful top rap songs 2020, here we are providing you with the chosen top rap songs right now with a little insight:

1. Pride.Is.The.Devil

Album Name: The Off-Season

Artist Name: J. Cole Ft. Lil Baby

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: J. Cole’s Pride. Is.The.Devil is a narration of one of the seven deadliest sins, Pride, and how it negatively affects the person and his surroundings including personal relationships. It explains no matter how blessed or fortunate you become, Pride: is the devil.

Click on this link to listen:

2. Super Gremlin

Album Name: Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob and Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies

Artist Name: Kodak Black

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: Managed to be still on the #1 spot maintaining its craze,

Kodak’s rap Super Gremlin discusses about his broken and lost bonds and betrayal from his former close friend with whom he had dreamt of ruling the music industry, once.

Click on this link to listen:

3. Way 2 Sexy

Album Name: Certified Lover Boy

Artist Name: Drake Ft. Future and Young Thug

Genre: Trap, Pop Rap Comedy Rap, Novelty

Theme of the Song: Drake’s Way 2 Sexy is a collaboration with Future and Thug. This song is probably way 2 sexy for anything and everything including girls, world, ice, jack, chain, fame, trap music, and even the cap. Adding to the music, even the video is hilariously eye-catchy.

Click on this link to listen:

4. Jail

Album Name: Donda

Artist Name: Kanye West Ft. Jay-Z

Genre: Hip Hop, Pop Rock, Alt Rock, Arena Rock

Theme of the Song: Having won the award at 2022 Grammy Awards for the best rap song, Jail had to be compulsorily on our list. Jail is more than just a physical prison. It is more of the lies and regrets that one finds himself trapped in during his journey of life. It also represents the denial of artists’ creative freedom and expressions through the media houses and institutions.

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5. Watermelon kisses

Album Name: Watermelon Kisses

Artist Name: The Kaleidoscope Kid

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: Inspired by the loving craze of a new relationship, The Kaleidoscope Kid’s Watermelon kisses. It narrates the beautiful feeling of an adrenaline rush when you are head over heels in love with someone. At times you feel you are dreaming, the other times you question reality.

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6. Rumors

Album Name: Rumors

Artist Name: Gucci Mane, Lil Durk

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: The street smash song, Rumors by the American rappers Gucci Mane and Lil Durk, was an instant hit in its early release in January 2022. The video of the song opens up with Mane and Durk hanging out with their friends and performing in a parking lot. They rap around setting aside the rumours that have been made against them in the past explaining it is not always true to believe what one sees.

Click on this link to listen:

7. Every Chance I Get

Album Name: Khaled Khaled

Artist Name: DJ Khaled ft. Lil Baby and Lil Durk

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: The list of top rap songs 2021 includes the rap, Every Chance I Get by DJ Khaled. The visuals of the song take place in a city surrounding the vehicles and dumpsters with fire. But the artists seem to rap and dance around girls unbeknownst to their destructive environment. The theme revolves around how their lives turned from rags to riches. It also narrates how they don’t mind knocking their haters off and enjoying their hearts out irrespective of their chaotic surroundings.

Click on this link to listen:

8. Industry Baby

Album Name: Montero

Artist Name: Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow

Genre: Pop Rap

Theme of the Song: One amongst the top rap songs right now 2021, Lil Nas’ Industry baby has one of the best pop videos of all times. Its theme features on Lil Nas and Harlow in a prison cell, breaking free from the barriers and indulging in a group dance. It indicates how one should not always conform to the rules and regulations set as standards by the society and instead one should push his limits to be free and become what one oughts to be.

Click on this link to listen:


Album Name: 7220

Artist Name: Lil Durk

Genre: Hip-Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: Lil Durk’s Ahhh Ha is intended to address the internet trolls in the memoirs of his late friend, King Von, and brother, D Thang. Lil also calls out to the awful and senseless people who brag about their criminal behavior on digital media. Ahhh Ha is more of a dig and diss track to NBA YoungBoy following his enmity with Durk’s close friend, King Von.

Click on this link to listen:

10. I Hate Young Boy

Album Name: The Last Slimeto Sampler

Artist Name: YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap

Theme of the Song: I hate Young Boy is a diss track by Young Boy against his fellow rappers and enemies including Lil Durk. Though in the rap industry rappers tend to get the threats of murder NBA YoungBoy does not seem to be affected much. Rather he musters up the courage to get back to his enemies with his dissing raps.

Click on this link to listen:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top rap songs of 2019?

Well! Middle Child and Old Town Road were two of the leading and top rap songs 2019.

What are the top rap songs of 2017?

Lamar’s Humble and Montana’s Unforgettable made it to the music list of top rap songs of 2017.

What is the best software to listen to the top 90s rap songs?

Without a doubt, you can rely on DVDFab PlayerFab All in One media player to not only listen to the top 90s rap songs but also enjoy the videos of all the top-notch entertainment.


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